Parrish Pellegrino – (Owner) KWI Group

I first met Angie Prewitt when I worked with her at American Eagle Outfitters.  I have my own business as a manufacturing agent, and produced denim for AEO.

Many Designers, specialize in one particular area.  Angie is different.  She approaches everything she does, in a whole-istic manner.  She develops her own fabrics with mills (driving upcoming trend among textile companies), trims for her categories, is a master wash specialist (working hands on with laundry facilities) and drives concept creation for the entire company.

I later hired Angie as a Consultant for my company, KWI.  She headed my wash and fabric development for our key accounts.  Angie blew my customers away, with the ideas she brought to the table.  She’s a seasoned traveler, and functions highly when asked to multi-task while juggling multiple categories, calendars and budgets.

I highly recommend Angie.

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