angie-prewittI grew up in rural Ohio where I was told, there was no such thing as a Fashion Designer.  I worked for my Parents at their hardware and lumber store.  They gave me a great gift.  My work ethic.  And each day as I worked, I daydreamed of far-away lands…which I read about in the Encyclopedia Britannica set (my Parents purchased from a traveling salesman, one letter at a time).

I had a benefactor who sponsored my college education.  He showed me that one person can change your entire world if they take an interest in, and believe in you.  With every new experience, my mind expanded and my skills sharpened.  And upon graduation, I became what I’d been told did not exist.  The first thing I did when I established myself professionally, was to set up a small scholarship at my University.

I love what I do, and my work continues to light a fire in my belly.  Thank you for taking time to check out my portfolio.  I would love to work for you.  Are you ready for me?

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